Grow Your Own Picnic - Summer

Grow Your Own Picnic

Sow it. Grow it. Share it! - Summer Term

A celebration of summer, sunshine and food growing in your school playground.

  • Plant a seed, and watch your school garden grow.
  • Then share a delicious home-grown lunch with your friends, school and community – on your very own Picnic Day!
  • Learn how to grow, cook and prepare home-made dips, sandwiches, salads, and desserts – packed full of nature’s goodness. A picnic feast for the whole community.


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Schools Activity Pack - contents

The Grow Your Own Picnic schools activity pack includes:

How to: Grow And Cook Your Own Picnic

Learn to grow and cook exciting picnic ingredients in your school, including growing instructions and recipes for the following:

  • Potato Salad -  grow potatoes, parsley. Recipe.
  • Broad Bean Dip - grow broad beans and dill. Recipe.
  • Crudites - grow carrots, radishes and sugar snap peas. Recipe.
  • Herb bread - grow chives, rosemary, thyme. Recipe.
  • Sandwich fillings - pea shoots, salad leaves, cress. Sandwich filling combinations.
  • Dessert - strawberry and oat meal muffins, fruit ice cubes and lollies. Grow strawberries, blueberries and edible flower petals.
  • How much is your picnic worth? Try the Capital Growth Harvestometer!

Plus lots more picnic growing tips, recipe ideas and learning resources.

How to: Involve your local community

Grow Your Own Picnic with support from your local community, including tips on:

  • Organising community growing activities - including how to get started, working with local community spaces, Seed Guardians, holiday care of your school garden.
  • Holding community picnic themed events - from produce shows, to garden tours and picnic events.
  • Working with community volunteers to help you grow - individuals, corporate volunteers and local businesses.

Grow Your Own Picnic Day – Summer Finale!

Join schools all across London to hold your own Grow Your Own Picnic Day - the grand finale at the end of the summer term!

  • Plan a bumper picnic crop - ask your students what seasonal food they would like to eat, then plan to grow the fresh ingredients for your picnic. Organise a class photography project to chart the progress of your picnic, from seed to plate and display it at on Picnic Day.
  • Get everyone involved - get support with growing, cooking and planning your picnic day event from students, parents, staff, local businesses and chefs.
  • Prepare you picnic food - Invite the local community to help your students with cooking. Book your school kitchen and equipment in advance.
  • Invite the community- create a poster, school newsletter article, and press release for your local newspaper.
  • Organise a day of picnic fun - Activities (e.g. games, music, raffle), decorations (e.g. bunting), layout (e.g. comfort, shade), seating (e.g. bring a blanket), garden activities (e.g. tours, workshops) toilets, crockery and cutlery and wet weather alternatives. Tuck in and enjoy together!
  • Celebrate your picnic success! Share you picnic journey. Upload you photos growing, cooking and Picnic Day photos on our Flickr gallery or tweet us!

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