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Community Support for Schools

Discover the growing community around you.

We believe that London schools should be connected with local support – from food networks and community gardens, to green-fingered locals and food businesses. A community on your doorstep helping you grow.

Are you a parent, local resident, business or local authority? We hope you’ll find some useful ideas on these pages to help you support your local schools to grow food in your community. Find out how:

Volunteer Master Gardener Conference. Photo: Garden Organic.
Volunteer Master Gardeners Conference. Garden Organic.

Helpful advice:

Community Engagement - FGSL ideas sheet (pdf)

Finding and working with volunteers (pdf)

Hosting an annual community event (pdf)

Organising a Gardening Day (pdf)

Designing sales materials (pdf)

Setting up a watering rota (pdf)

Visit our 'Resources' page for more learning and growing resources, including fantastic termly activities for use at every point in the school year.

Donate money, items & skills to schools

With the School Funding Network, donors can offer anything that might be of interest to a school, whether they are a local business offering free products or a native speaker offering language help. Check the major donor challenges section to find current school gardening offers and opportunities: