Showcase your growing: the Marketplace competition

26 April 2016

This year all Marketplace schools can apply to enter the ‘Showcase your Growing’ competition. This competition will be a chance to show us how you have grown and nurtured your school garden to prepare for the marketplace with pictures, recipes and stories!
The entries will be judged on the day of the Marketplace and the winning school will be awarded a great prize including a great set of Bulldog Tools, a certificate and much more.

You will need to create and bring at the Marketplace one A2 sheet displaying the following:

  • Your school name and logo
  • Pictures of your plots and pupils caring for the plants
  • Pictures of pupils and / or school staff harvesting and weighing your produce
  • Pictures of pupils and school staff baking and making produce out of your garden fruits and veg
  • A mix of any of the following: recipes, growing tips and stories about your school garden

The Marketplace is an event organise by Capital Growth in partnership with Food Growing Schools: London. It is part of FGSL wider initiative the Growathon.