School Food Matters video celebrates 10 years

In the past 10 years School Food Matters have worked with over 30,000 children from London and beyond through their food education programmes.

Their mission is to ensure that every child enjoys fresh sustainable food at school and understands where their food comes from.


One pupil says, “I used to hate pears but now I actually quite like them because I’ve grown them”.

Another adds, “I’ve been cooking for the three years in school and now I love cooking with my mum at home.”

This video celebrates some great moments and reveals some of the positive impacts of connecting children with food through school. Watch below or on Youtube here.

Get involved

Would your school benefit from getting involved with School Food Matters’ initiatives? Find out more here.


Look what we achieved!

Over the summer 2016, while you were all enjoying the summer holidays, we took a moment to reflect on the amazing time we have had as a partnership, helping London schools to grow food.

So much has happened to be proud of.

We know we have achieved a lot, but we were amazed to see how much! Research teams from the University of the West England (Bristol) and Cardiff University, carried out an independent FGSL project evaluation. Here’s a snapshot of what they found. Since our launch in 2013 and October 2016:

FGSL Our Achievements Infographic

James Campbell, Chief Executive, Garden Organic said:

“I am deeply proud of what we have achieved so far — 87% of London schools are now growing food and considerably more pupils, parents, community members and businesses are involved.”

Our Achievements – read the report
You can read more about our achievements in our special FGSL Interim Report, launched at City Hall in October 2016.

Together we made it happen
Thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve so much since 2013 – from teachers, volunteers and local businesses, to FGSL staff and funders – to name but a few. Without you none of this would have been possible. A huge thanks also goes to our fantastic FGSL Partners, who are busy every day sharing their expertise with schools:

Garden Organic (lead partner)
Capital Growth
Soil Association Food for Life
Royal Horticultural Society
School Food Matters
Trees for Cities

Don’t stop now!
Together, we have discovered the huge benefits of growing food in schools – improving young people’s education, health, the environment, the local economy and the impact on the local community. It’s vital now that we all continue to work together to help young people in our schools keep growing and flourishing.

Whether you are already growing food in your school, you wish to get started, or you represent an organisation who can help, here are just a few of our fantastic resources to help you get involved:

Food Growing Schools: London – Sowing Ideas. Growing Inspiration. Cultivating Futures.