How to: Construct your garden

Once you have assessed your space, planned your garden, and chosen the type of crops you would like to grow, it’s time to start building your space. Building structures provide a great opportunity to learn about recycling and re-using, which in turn will save your school money.

Sourcing your recycled materials

Start by asking parents and local businesses for the material you need, like scaffolding planks, floorboards, bottles, old containers for planting etc.... Second hand wood & materials can also be found at local scaffolding companies, or second hand specialists:

Constructing your own school garden

Constructing your own school garden offers a fantastic opportunity to use food growing as a  tool for curriculum learning in subjects such as Design and Technology. Projects can be adapted to all ages and abilities, from small scale to complicated design projects.

Simple construction projects

More advanced construction projects

Edible Playgrounds by Trees for Cities

Edible Playgrounds, run by our partner Trees for Cities, transform outdoor spaces in school grounds into green growing spaces, giving children the opportunity to grow, harvest and eat healthy food. We will do a full survey of the school grounds, help with fundraising, consult and engage parents, teachers and pupils as well as design and build the Edible Playground. For a full year we’ll run monthly training sessions for teachers and help embed the playground into your school’s curriculum – turning it into an outdoor classroom. All with the help of a designated Edible Playground Coordinator. Have a look at the growing community of Edible Playgrounds in London schools:

Further resources

Garden Organic have an in-depth library of learning resources for schools including games, growing activity sheets, construction projects, wildlife projects, planning advice, posters, booklets and templates: They were produced to support the Food For Life School Awards scheme.


Discover London school food growing workshops, including planning and constructing your growing space, led by our expert partners: Food Growing Schools: London - Training.

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