Assembly Time! New slots available


Stamford Hill Primary School, Haringey. Photo: Trees for Cities
Stamford Hill Primary School, Haringey. (From left to right)
Bledina y6, David y6, Malikay6, Harvin y6, Renzo y6, Alise y6 and Haoyi y5
Photo: Trees for Cities

Our School Survey has shown that lots of schools are after some support through training, resources and activities to get going with their growing.

So we’ve produced a fun, engaging and informative assembly that our expert team have been delivering across London at no cost to schools.

So far, over 2,000 pupils have had the opportunity to learn from the assembly – from food growing trivia and why we should grow our own food, to how you can grow your own business, sell produce at markets and build a career using the skills you’ll learn.

The result?

Pupils are learning new things and teachers are benefitting from larger groups and different aged children being involved at one time.

North Ealing Primary learnt that they can successfully grow produce on their fully concreted grounds. You don’t need a designated space, you can use window sill planters and create vertical gardens or even grow on the roof! See what John Ruskin School in Southwark have done.

St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School wanted an assembly to spark ideas to use their Supergrounds more and get each year group using their designated plot and polytunnel.

If you’re not currently growing food, or just getting started on your food growing journey, the popular Food Growing Schools: London Assembly Programme could be just for you.

Our assemblies are now fully booked!

We will be adding schools on to a waiting list. If you want to be added, simply complete this short survey. We aim to get back to you as soon as assembly slots become available.

*Assemblies will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.